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Peter Durham offers a full range of care, including partial dentures, full dentures, immediate dentures (partial/full mouth), implant-retained dentures. Peter sees his patients in Riccarton Christchurch and makes all dentures in his laboratory in Okains Bay. Peter Durham is able to do insurance quotes.

Peter Durham

Peter Durham has been providing BESPOKE dentures to his clients for over 16 years and has been working in the dental industry for 35 years, so you can rest assured that you are in safe and experienced hands.

Peter can provide you with FULL and PARTIAL dentures AND IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURES involving you at each step of the process. Peter sees his patients in Riccarton Christchurch and makes the dentures at his laboratory in Okains Bay.

Peter promises to provide you with:

  • Informing you about the options available
  • Using skill and experience to achieve desired results
  • THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF APPOINTMENTS and not cutting any corners
  • Always happy to carry out any aftercare

Immediate Dentures

These dentures are placed immediately after your natural teeth have been extracted by your dentist. The benefit of immediately placed dentures means that you don’t have to go without teeth for an extended period of time.

Immediate dentures require several appointments with Peter prior to the extraction appointment, ensuring the dentures are constructed in time for insertion.

Please note! When considering removing your natural teeth and moving to dentures it is important to be guided by your dentist and make the decision together. Obviously there is no going back after your teeth have been removed, so be certain. Sometimes it is a better result functionally to only extract those teeth that cannot be saved and replace them with a partial denture.

Denture Adhesive – At some stage during that six month healing time, you may need to use a denture adhesive to help keep your denture in place.


Six months after the immediate dentures have been placed you will require a permanent reline as your denture has been made based on the fit at the time of extractions.  In the months following, your bone and gum tissues will shrink back, leaving a space between your gum and the denture.  After 6 months it is necessary that you have your denture relined, as a poorly fitting denture can lead to problems in the future.  Most find that the denture will become so loose-fitting that a reline is required to give back proper function.

Relines are also recommended every 3-4 years to ensure accuracy of fit and maintain gum health.

Replacement Dentures

As a guide it is recommended that your dentures be replaced every 8-10 years, however, everyone is unique in the rate of wear and gum resorption. Indicators that it may be time to replace your dentures are:

  • Flat worn teeth
  • Loss of suction and function
  • Overclosure
  • Discolouration
  • Continued breakages
  • Poor speech and aesthetics

If unsure of any of these factors it may be helpful to get a professional to check your dentures.

When replacing full dentures the optimal number of appointments is 5, then any aftercare appointments as required. Not only is this necessary to construct quality dentures but also best practice.

Implant Support Dentures

An implant-supported denture is a denture that attaches to implants on either the lower or upper jaw.

How do they work?
The type of attachment used means that they are removable, similar to press snap fasteners, a very effective way of holding dentures in place. By being able to remove the dentures to clean and brush around the implants it makes for an easily maintainable and hygienic situation in the mouth.

On a full lower denture it is unusual to have any suction to hold the denture in place, by placing 2 implants into the bone it can dramatically improve function and retention while eating and talking. With a full upper denture, it too can have its function and retention improved by using 4 or more implants to fasten the denture to. This also enables the palate to be free of coverage making the denture more comfortable to wear, enhancing taste and sensation to temperature. Patients report that the procedure is surprisingly low key with minimal discomfort. By having a consultation it can be explained how implants may be an advantage to you.

Partial Dentures


If you only have a few missing teeth then a partial denture will help to complete your dentition. They are beneficial as they spread the biting forces, slow down the wear of your natural teeth and stop your natural teeth drifting into the spaces. Where applicable Peter will always encourage you to keep your remaining natural teeth.

Acrylic partial dentures

If you have had missing teeth for a long time or if you are about to have teeth removed partial dentures can be used to fill these spaces. An immediate acrylic partial denture can be placed immediately after your teeth have been extracted by your dentist. This helps to avoid any embarrassing gaps. You just need to ensure that you allow enough time prior to the extraction for Peter to construct the denture. The benefit of an acrylic partial denture is that is can be added to should you lose more natural teeth.

Metal – Chrome-cobalt partial dentures

If your natural teeth are stable and sound then this is a good option as they are superior in many ways to acrylic partial dentures. They are held in place by clasps connected to your natural teeth, this is far more effective than using suction (which is the main form of retention for acrylic dentures).

  • They are much thinner, this makes them easier to adapt to and more comfortable to wear.
  • Less palatal coverage which improves taste and tongue space
  • Less impact on speech
  • Better transference of temperature

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